I am available for private and small group sessions. Please email me to inquire about pricing, package deals and schedule your first session today. Once you book, a 20 minute consultation is included so we can customize the experience to your needs.


.Hatha or Vinyasa Yoga 1-1.5 hours

Yoga is a great tool for balancing strength & flexibility, building self-awareness, calming the mind and the nervous system. If you are new to yoga, it can be intimidating to attend group classes. Scheduling a private or series of privates can build the knowledge and confidence, so that group classes are more accessible. If you are a more advanced practitioner, a private can be an opportunity to focus on refining the details of your practice.

Group Size: Private sessions are available for one person. Small group size ranges from 3-8 participants.

Age Range: Any


AcroYoga 1-3 hours

Try a private session or give one to a friend, these are good for up to two people to attend. This is a great way to start your AcroYoga practice, fun for a special event like celebrating an anniversary. It is also a great way to drop more deeply into the full potential of your practice. We can focus on the therapeutic side of the practice, the acrobatic or combine the two.

Group Size: Private sessions are available for one or two people. Small group size ranges from 3-8 participants.

Age Range: Any

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Mommy & Me 1 hour
This class will integrate play and yoga to stretch, revitalize your core, and strengthen the bond between you and your infant. We will flow through asana, explore challenging postures and restore calm through restorative poses. We will playfully use baby as a prop and inspire body awareness and well being.

Optional Topics can include: Basic American Sign Language for young babies to enhance communication; Weekly discussion of developmental patterns to help understand how baby is growing; learn nursery rhymes and lullabies.

Age Range: Six weeks- 6 months

Group Size: 4-8 mommy & me pairs


Baby & Me 1 hour

Crawling babies- walking toddlers are invited to bring their caregivers to this special yoga class to bond & relax as a family. We will create a stimulating environment to interest baby in exploring new movement patterns, enhance neuromuscular development, coordination, muscle strength & flexibility. We will integrate baby in games and yoga poses so caregivers can be stretching, strengthening, twisting & turning, as we sync breath and movement. This class will also introduce sharing, clean up, taking turns, the basics of social interaction in a fun environment. 

Age Range: Crawling babies- Walking Toddlers

Group Size: 4-8 Baby & Caregiver pairs

Price Range: $300-$320 for a 4 week series at Namaspa or your own space.


Yoga Family Time: Available for Birthday Parties or Special Events

Children of all ages are invited to have fun, find connection and engage playfully in a mindful way. Partner yoga, inspiring storytelling, inclusive fun games, bubble time and interactive songs. Parachute, juggling and bubble play time can be included.

Age Range:  All ages

Group Size: Any

Price Range: Varies depending on group size.