-October 5, 2016-

Yoga After Miscarriage: A 6-Pose Healing Practice

My healing restorative sequence in Yoga Journal, after suffering from two miscarriages and a precancerous condition. Read More

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- January 4, 2016 -
Forget New Year's Resolutions—Start the Year With a New Intention

Have you ever felt “stuck” in a yoga class, like you just can’t change a negative relationship with one pose or that you will never “get better?" Or are you stagnating in a section of your life off your mat, such as your job or a particular relationship?... READ MORE...

- October 9, 2015 -
Help Students Go Deeper: 5 Yoga Hands-On Assists

Hands-on assists can be an incredibly potent tool for helping yoga students find better alignment, deeper relaxation, increased stability, and greater extension... READ MORE...

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- September 16, 2015 -
 Yogis Unite in Bend Oregon

When you begin a yogic path you are encouraged to be kind, gentle, and appreciative, but it is no secret that yogis who swear by one type of practice can be as hard-nosed as an evangelist or Wall Street trader. In a community of tolerance yogis turn foul defending their mantra, genre, and path to enlightenment. Yogis Unite Bend is an opportunity to remember that all yoga is beneficial and our bodies and minds are individual maps directed by difference. Yogis Unite Bend is a soul-quenching mixer that forces us to banish bias and step up to sharing the present. READ MORE...

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- July 9, 2015 -

The Best Books for Arm Chair (or Time) Travel. 

I love curling up with a good book on a lazy summer afternoon or devouring a novel over a restful weekend.

While the world of books offers up an extensive range of genres to be enjoyed, here is a list of books from my two favorite categories: Arm Chair Travel and Historical Fiction.

Some of these I have already loved, while others still sit on my current summer reading list. READ MORE...

- March 3, 2015 -
Want to Fly? 7 Must-Try AcroYoga Poses

Why try Acro? Short answer: Fun. This hybrid style combining acrobatics and healing arts like Thai massage with yoga can help you take the next step in your yoga practice by connecting you with others while increasing your strength, body awareness, and sense of playfulness. READ MORE...


Elephant Journal
-February 13, 2015-

5 Things I Learned about Relationships from AcroYoga

My relationship with AcroYoga was love at first flight, as was my relationship with my husband.

After many years of practicing, teaching and getting hitched to my acrobatic partner, I have discovered more than I could have imagined about myself and how I relate to relationship. These are some of the most important lessons that may help you find happiness and healthy relationships on or off your mat. READ MORE...


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An AcroYoga Experience: Beyond the Asana

An Acro Yoga experience with Deven Sisler, as told by Madeline Baker.
There was a palpable excitement in the air on the night that everyone arrived for Deven Sisler’s Acro Yoga weekend at Balanced Yoga, just about this time last year. Our teachers, front desk staff, regular students, and fully new faces paraded past the desk, as did some of Deven’s family members, who had visited from out of town to share in the fun. Sitting outside, finishing some work, I heard almost constant laughter and other joyful noises through the walls. READ MORE...

Elephant Journal
-December 2014-

How to Fall Asleep with Ease

How well you fall asleep tonight can deeply affect your focus, drive, productivity and joy tomorrow.

Here are some tricks, tips and a short yoga sequence to aide in your sleep routine. READ MORE...


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-October 2014-

The only Way to Know if You're Allergic to Gluten

Recently my friends wanted to make me, a gluten-free girl, lunch.
After I told them what I could and couldn’t eat, they were flustered asked, “so what is a gluten anyway?”
Here is the who, what and why of gluten free. I am not a doctor, scientist, clinical dietician or self-proclaimed nutritionist—this is simply an account of my personal self-study and research over the past three years.

Elephant Journal
-December 2013-

Free Yoga Does Not Exist

I don’t believe in free yoga.

It doesn’t exist.
If it was truly free, it wouldn’t be worth anything and no one would attend. READ MORE...


Elephant Journal
-February 2013-

Take Back the Mat: Living Injury Free

I traveled to Chiang Mai, Thailand with the intention to study Thai massage and do as much yoga as possible. I had the most profoundly intense bodywork of my life. The session began with a recollection of the history of my chronic injuries over the past 10 years. As I pondered my personal history written down in one place, I realized a lot of the funk got really funky in direct correlation with my rigorous asana practice.

-June 2013-
what it means to fly with acroyoga

As a child many of us have flown “airplane” or tried some tricks on the feet of our parents. I did not imagine I would learn how to do this as an adult, or that I could balance others on my feet. One day in 2006, I read a flier for an upcoming “AcroYoga Workshop” and was so intrigued with the description that I immediately registered. READ MORE...

- May  2011 -
Add Humor to Your Yoga Classes

Allison Easter was amused. Romping through a Friday night AcroYoga class at Om Factory in New York City, she giggled during partner flying and Thai massage while her teachers and fellow students—yoginis sporting striped socks, pink hair, and Winnie-the-Pooh T-shirts—cavorted by her side. READ MORE...

Elephant Journal
-May 2011-

The Joy Formula

I was recently interviewed for a Yoga Journal article on keeping your business, practice and teaching light and joyful. As a professional clown and yoga teacher, it seems I might be an expert on the subject. This has not always been the case, as I was diagnosed with clinical depression nine years ago. After a long period of medication and therapy I have made a concerted effort to find and maintain my joy. READ MORE...