Practice is perfect

IMG_3115Inspiration from friends/Introduction to last week's yoga class I spent the weekend with dear friends from college, we ate good food, swam and unwound. This was fun and very relaxing, but the part that delighted me most was how we helped each other—we all made dinner, we all did the dishes, we all washed the sheets and closed up when it was time to go. No one did everything, and no one did nothing. So what does this have to do with yoga? As you start your practice today focus for a moment on all the different circles in which you are an essential cog: your family near or far, this community in Bend, your office. Think of all the things you do to keep one or all of those circles running smoothly, as well as the numerous moments every day that you are tired, frustrated, annoyed, empty, but you keep going. This fire, this dedication in yoga philosophy is called tapas.

You cultivate your endurance to that which you are dedicated, your tapas every time you come to your mat and take an hour to take care of yourself.

I practice so I can have more availability, patience, equanimity, levity in the face of the day to day and week to week demands of life. Take a moment, a few breaths and focus on what you would like to cultivate in your practice today so that you can be available to all the circles that need you.


"The victory is in beginning" ~ Judith Lasater