Practice is perfect

IMG_3115Inspiration from friends/Introduction to last week's yoga class I spent the weekend with dear friends from college, we ate good food, swam and unwound. This was fun and very relaxing, but the part that delighted me most was how we helped each other—we all made dinner, we all did the dishes, we all washed the sheets and closed up when it was time to go. No one did everything, and no one did nothing. So what does this have to do with yoga? As you start your practice today focus for a moment on all the different circles in which you are an essential cog: your family near or far, this community in Bend, your office. Think of all the things you do to keep one or all of those circles running smoothly, as well as the numerous moments every day that you are tired, frustrated, annoyed, empty, but you keep going. This fire, this dedication in yoga philosophy is called tapas.

You cultivate your endurance to that which you are dedicated, your tapas every time you come to your mat and take an hour to take care of yourself.

I practice so I can have more availability, patience, equanimity, levity in the face of the day to day and week to week demands of life. Take a moment, a few breaths and focus on what you would like to cultivate in your practice today so that you can be available to all the circles that need you.


"The victory is in beginning" ~ Judith Lasater

Searching for yoga and coffee in Chiang Mai

And thai massages. And mango sticky rice. On a daily basis.

At the end of the first week my exploration have been successful.

Day # 1: After studying Thai Massage seriously in the States for three-four years, I received my first massage in Thailand in the common area of a temple (1.5 hours 200 bhat/$7 USD). It was quite an experience, and different from what I expected, not as relaxing, not for the tender or feint of heart. The practitioner really worked me and I was sore for a few days afterward.

Wandered until I found a cafe down a side street. The owner made me a yellow curry and sat down with her dog to talk to me while I ate. Spicy (nose-watering) and flavorful in all sorts of ways. Out of courtesy I sipped the water with ice that she gave me. Then I remembered maybe I shouldn't. I finished both the curry and the water in the end and hoped for the best. (60 bhat/$2 USD)

Day #2. After a day of working in my poolside "office" at The Eco Resort I found my way to Wild Rose Yoga. The atmosphere is exquisite, sacred, magical. I have heard about this place for years from nomadic friends. It is a can't miss for the traveling yogi. Helen was the teacher for this first class, I have learned she specializes in yoga for bodyworkers which is apparent in her focus on the subtle energetics and importance of breath, coupled with creative vinyasa and some strong core work. She was attentive, so present and inspiring.

Dada Cafe: I met a friend for a late night dinner, this place is owned by a German man. I was a little hesitant to try my friends' salad, but it was full of sprouts and avocado and delicious. The frothed coconut was amazing.

Day #3. Mosaic Cafe: excellent coffee down the road from Eco Resort.

Blue Diamond: Another fantastic salad with amazing dressing. I didn't think I would be eating a salad for months and have been surprised and delighted a second time! I can only hope to replicate the gluten free cookies in the deli one day (a mix of seeds, coconut and yum), for now I keep a stash on me at all times for snacking. Down the street from a tourist friendly market.

Namo Yoga: the website was confusing and a little off-setting, couldn't quite tell what the address was, or if there is a physical space. There is! And it is a refreshing blend of yoga and massage, great setting. I am looking forward to taking a class.

Day # 4 Nice Kitchen (I am tickled by some of the names here): the best panang green curry (lunch) and most delightful yogurt fruit (breakfast) I have experienced. Amazing coffee.

Found Pranam on a friend's recommendation and received a 1 hour full foot massage (150 bhat). I will return for a full body massage today.

Day #5. Yoga Tree: an absolutely gorgeous space, so open and surrounded by greenery. I attended a kirtan and experienced the ex-pat/international hippie community in full force and the sweet tunes of the yoga version of a jolly James Taylor- Steve Gold. The event was facilitated by Wild Rose, but held at Yoga Tree-- which reveals a really lovely synchronistic, non-competitive relationship that is inspiring.

Day #6. Weekend Night Market. I was intimidated at the thought of such masses of people, but it was amazing. I only purchased food-- but tasted and tried many things (all gluten and vegetarian, my stomach can confirm today!). Taro, potato crisp stick, grilled sticky rice, mango sticky rice, rice ginger curry (will return for this dish next week), juices and so many things to look at! Hope to enjoy a grilled banana one day...

Now for week #2!

RDM to CNX = Chasing the Sun

I woke amidst the black, cold starry night in Central Oregon and spent a day chasing the sun halfway around the world. My body is still not sure if it is today or tomorrow, neither really does my mind. It has become apparent I am in the land of ganesha, venerated for the elephants known to the area in more ways than one.Image

I arrived to a monk-like room at a jungle resort in the middle of the city and realized I could spend the next month drinking pineapple smoothies, writing and hardly speaking to anyone, if I so choose. Such are my simple joys of complete independence. Image

Yesterday, I woke up, my body so grateful for however long I slept in a real bed, rather than the seat of a plane. Two temple visits, a self-guided walking tour, one superb home-made curry and a Thai Massage later my day was complete.


I forgot about bugs in Oregon, or that I can use insect repellent. Besides this minor issue, I wonder if I will ever want to leave?


Finding A Comfortable Seat...

If you have been to a yoga class, you have may have heard the following instruction, "find a comfortable seat." This can be confusing and problematic, if you are not comfortable sitting in a cross legged position on the ground, as a newer practitioner or someone suffering from knee, hip or lower back issues. Sitting on the ground with your knees in your armpits, is not going to be conducive for stretching, breathing or meditating, especially if it is the first pose of the class. Let's look at Sukhasana this Sanskrit word translates as "easy, comfortable pose". The classic pose would be arranged with one ankle crossed in front of the other with the feet flexed, sit bones rooted on the floor, the spine long and the head stacked over the middle of the pelvis.Your sit bones (ischial tuberosity) are the pointy boney bits below your bum that you rest on when sitting.

Forget about what you think  this pose "should" look like and let's get down to making it feel right for your body. If your knees are higher than your hips, you should try a modification because it indicates stress in the hip flexor. To alleviate the stress neatly stack 1,2 or 3  blankets under your sit bones until your hips are higher than your knees. This will alleviate stress on the knees, hips and lower back. If you knee problems are severe, straighten one leg. The important thing is that you have options, so you can stay easefully in a sitting position longer. If you are dealing with knee or back problems that make it hard to get to the floor, then you can simply sit in a chair and find a tall spine.

Once you find the most comfortable seat for you, sit for a few minutes and simply observe your breath. This is an excellent, simple relaxation practice. Ideally, you can allocate a time each day to sit, watch your breath, journal a few lines about how you feel before and after. See what happens.

Ideally, as  written in The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, every pose you experience in yoga will feel like a steady comfortable seat, “Sukha sthira asanam” Ch. 2.46-2.48

The Year in Review

I kayaked with a manatee (so massively inspiring). Snorkel Heaven

I didn't live in the same place for more than five weeks, maybe six...

I snorkeled with a shark (I was frightened, he didn't care. at all).

I celebrated my dad's 60th birthday with our family.

I tried to take a bus in Key West (recommended if you are up for adventure, but not actually getting anywhere).

I endured two east coast blackouts.

I took a tour of east coast beaches with friends!

I participated in my first fun run (paddle-run-paddle-run-paddle-run).

I tried to paddle in a surf-ski (and only got thrown once).

I fell in love with one little girl & three new little boys: Ruby, William, Finn & Hudson.

Waiting for a bus in paradiseWaiting for a bus in paradise

I climbed a mountain above 10,000 feet.

I kayaked with sea otters, birds & jellyfish in Monterey Bay.

I visited Canada & Mexico, each for the first lovely time.

I went on my first road cycle for the sake of cycling.

I laid in a pool in a hot spring water park as the sun rose and the birds migrated.

I taught yoga and AcroYoga at my first retreat.

I stopped eating gluten & got experimental baking.

I went snowshoeing for the first and second time.

I visited so many homes of friends, it was ridiculous.

Just awesome.

I got settled in Oregon.

My Traveling Hat is On...

St.Louis MO November 20th, 2012 Restorative/post travel practice this morning to recalibrate my body after a long day of travel. I worked diligently on the endless droves of workey-work assigments I currently have. Told the world I am taking off tomorrow (which means I will still work, but not necessarily answer emails or phone calls-- shhh don't tell). Made chicken stock from scratch in preparation for full fledged cooking tomorrow/Thursday. I also got a great massage at Morgan Ford Massage Therapy (highly recommended)! Now to find a couple of plane tickets (some people have utility bills, I buy tickets to travel).

Portland to St.Louis MO November 19th, 2012

Planes & airports. Woke at 4:15am, as arduous as that might sound, I decided since I was traveling east, I would experience this early hour as if I had already arrived and thus will not have to deal with jet lag. I think I tricked myself rather well. Would have posted yesterday’s post yesterday, but couldn’t figure out how to log into my blog… I would love to roll out my mat for an hour or two—but I have to check in on work. Ill listen to some inspiring vibes…

Yoga Inspired Playlisti got my hat! I am ready!

Pretty Lights | An Empty Station

Bonobo | Eyesdown

Pretty Lights | Understand Me Now, Stay

Ratatat | Grape Juice City, Sunblocks

Emancipator | Safe in the Steep Cliffs

Bon Iver | Blood Bank

Subterranean Sanctuary | Desert Dwellers

Day #2 I enjoyed yoga in bed (I am getting flexible in a multitude of ways)


Bend to Portland, OR Nov. 18th, 2012

I am on the road for the next twenty-two days.I happily woke up to shower and blow dry my hair (zero degrees means my hair must be dried) at 5:45am.  Watched a deer family cross the highway under windblown pines trees. I took a shuttle bus from the high winter desert through the snow covered mountains of Mt.Hood and felt like I traveled in time into the late wet fall of Portland. I spent the day with the dearest of friends catching up and delighting in our shared company as we ran errands together. I love the sensitivity of the foodies in Portland—gluten free pub menu to die for whilst I felt like the country mouse visiting the “big city”—shopping, walking, enjoying coffee. I plan to practice and write everyday. Let’s see what kind of yoga I find along the way.

Day #1: Opted out of a basketball game in favor of spending time solo. Yoga practice on the road: “Reconnect to your back body & open your heart” with Elena Brower via