A Recipe for Self-Care

ImageA few weeks ago in Thailand I received a 2.5 hour massage session—body scrub, full body oil massage and facial for $30. It was indulgent and wonderful.  When I arrived back in the States I was jetlagged and a little dehydrated. I had to get creative with my resources to give myself a relaxing treatment at home.  The first step in this kind of self-massage/self-care is to determine how much time you have and make it as indulgent as possible. Indulgence is "characterized by doing or tending to do exactly what one wants, esp. when this involves pleasure or idleness." This is the perfect, and possibly only rule of thumb for this exploration in self-care. Getting Ready:

-find organic sesame or almond (winter/cold regions) or coconut oil (summer/warm regions)

-favorite essential oil (I recommend lavender or rose)

-skin brush & wash cloth

-humidifier & shower or bathtub

-epsom salt

-double boiler or small glass dish

-optional: candles, chillax music, extra soft towel, cup of tea, cooshy bathrobe

During cold seasons or cool evening: gather your preferred materials and prepare the oil by lightly heating in a double boiler, or microwave. It should simply be warm to the touch. Mix in a few drops of your preferred essential oil.

recipe #1 mini facialIMG_3146

home-made facial scrub: mash up one part avocado, one part coffee grounds, one part oil. gently wash face as normal. place a    washcloth saturated with warm to hot water for 1-2 minutes. apply home-made facial mask in small circular motions moving outward to inward. sip your tea and enjoy doing nothing for as long as you like. rinse and spray with toner or rose water and moisturize with preferred oil or facial lotion (my favorite is Pangea Orgranics Argan Oil).

recipe #2 quickie self-massage/dry shower

lock yourself in the bathroom & turn the humidifier on and use the skin brush over the body starting at the feet and moving towards the heart. this gets your circulation going and sloughs off dead skin. follow by massaging the oil of your choice + essential oil in a circular motion over the whole body. wrap your body in the towel or extra comfy robe. sit still for one minute. rock out into your day.

recipe #3 extra-nurturing shower

as you start the shower begin with recipe #2 skin brushing + oil massage. when you and the shower are ready step in and give yourself a good salt scrub. you can actually avoid soap and simply enjoy the hot water + oil, my skin has never felt more nourished, soft and supple.

Favorite candles

recipe #4 full indulgence bath

light some candles, put on some chill music and make a cup of relaxing tea. as the bath fills begin with the skin brush (circular motions towards your heart starting out at the feet, working up and in). add oil + epsom salts to the bath. use the washcloth + salt scrub over the feet and legs to give a little extra exfoliation.



blooming peonies


I also enjoy getting myself flowers or a pedicure, if not both.

How can you indulge yourself this week?