The Year in Review

I kayaked with a manatee (so massively inspiring). Snorkel Heaven

I didn't live in the same place for more than five weeks, maybe six...

I snorkeled with a shark (I was frightened, he didn't care. at all).

I celebrated my dad's 60th birthday with our family.

I tried to take a bus in Key West (recommended if you are up for adventure, but not actually getting anywhere).

I endured two east coast blackouts.

I took a tour of east coast beaches with friends!

I participated in my first fun run (paddle-run-paddle-run-paddle-run).

I tried to paddle in a surf-ski (and only got thrown once).

I fell in love with one little girl & three new little boys: Ruby, William, Finn & Hudson.

Waiting for a bus in paradiseWaiting for a bus in paradise

I climbed a mountain above 10,000 feet.

I kayaked with sea otters, birds & jellyfish in Monterey Bay.

I visited Canada & Mexico, each for the first lovely time.

I went on my first road cycle for the sake of cycling.

I laid in a pool in a hot spring water park as the sun rose and the birds migrated.

I taught yoga and AcroYoga at my first retreat.

I stopped eating gluten & got experimental baking.

I went snowshoeing for the first and second time.

I visited so many homes of friends, it was ridiculous.

Just awesome.

I got settled in Oregon.