I am Thriving!

When someone asks me how I am doing, I can authentically reply, "wonderful." I have spent the week teaching yoga, working in my garden, taking the dog on good long walks. I loved every moment of this winter, and now am head over heels for the warmer weather, birds singing, daffodils popping and the tease of summer. 

Getting sick and facing moments of my own mortality changed my perspective about my life. I have slowed down, am scheduling less, savouring each moment a little more. There is no longer anywhere to be. I am here, life is now and it is good. 

This isn't to say some days aren't hard, or that there isn't or won't be any suffering-- this will happen. I feel all the things everyday. I get mad, sad, excited, angry, anxious and frustrated (or basic human rights to fight for), but the lens is different.  I worked/hustled for 15 years hacking away at the American Dream as an actor or yoga teacher, and realized really recently that I am living MY dream life-- which is much more satisfying and will continue to evolve. My basic needs are met. I am healthy. I can pay my bills. My family is healthy.  I am so grateful that I have lessons to learn and things to do with this life. 

How do you thrive?