What are you planting?

I am getting my planting boxes ready and picking out seeds to plant this spring. One of the most difficult decisions I have had to make is deciding what to plant in my limited space. I painstakingly sifted through all the different seed packet options at the store. I settled on a budget that I would not exceed (no matter what). I looked in my grocery basket and realized I could start by planting herbs we frequently buy. In addition to those herbs, I thought about what worked well last year (kale) and what failed (mesclun greens). I decided to go with more reliable options. This process of decision making wasn't the most exciting, but I am looking forward to the joy of planting these seeds and experiencing the joys of growing some of my own food.

This process is not unlike the rest of my life-- I was frustrated with an opportunity that didn't work out this past winter. I stewed in my own disappointment and annoyance with the situation for a bit. Then I sat back and observed all the things that were working, in the dead of the winter I was able to reap so many personal and professional rewards: I got a job promotion (as a result of years of training and dedication); I renovated the house we recently purchased (many, many months of contracts, negotiations and decisions); I married a wonderful man (a relationship we have been cultivating for years). When I look at this small and massive list of accomplishments, I feel a lot of gratitude. Sometimes as there are so many exciting and bigger/better opportunities- - I forget to hold precious in my hand what I already hold.

This spring, as I prepare to make a conscious decision about each vegetable or herb I will plant in my garden, I am also going to plant conscious intentions about what I want in my life. There is infinite possibility in this world, but there is a finite amount of time and space for career growth if I am to balance it with family, friends and building a home. The thoughts that we focus on now will blossom into the experiences we encounter in the months to come. I choose gratitude with what is already held; acceptance, patience & equanimity; joyful focus on the future.

What seeds do you choose?