Relaxing Yoga in 12 minutes

Give your self the gift of 12 minutes today and enjoy massive benefits of soothing your nervous system; quieting the mind; relaxing the body; savouring each breath.

Find a spot on a carpet in front of a nice fire and take a little time for yourself with this relaxing yoga sequence (pictured above). Take one minute per pose while focusing on the breath.


Plank Pose: Stack shoulder over hands, push into fingers for more support.

Locust Pose: Lift the hands and feet while breathing deeply.

Childs Pose: Sink hips to heels (place a blanket under knees, ankles or hips for added comfort)

Down Dog --> Twisted Needle (30 seconds each side)

Gate Pose (30 seconds each side) A deep side bend.

Tree Pose: Place lifted leg above or below your knee. Focus on an unmoving point in the room to help find stability. Hold onto a chair for extra support.

Twisted Wide Legged Stretch: Stay here longer if it feels good.

Bridge Pose: Squeeze glutes to lift higher and protect weak areas. Press the shoulders and head down, but avoid turning the head to protect the spine.

Forward Bend: Bend the knees to go deeper!

Pigeon Pose: Place that blanket under your hips again for added support. Stay upright or fold forward. Lie on your back, if there are any knee problems.

Legs Up the Wall Pose:  Left hand over the heart, right hand over the belly and listen to your own unique rhythms. If you stay longer than one minute, that's ok.